How Your Rugs Can Benefit From Rug Restoration

A brand new rug is appealing for a variety of reasons. But as time goes on, a rug will lose these appealing qualities. Color may fade, the rug may unravel, and the rug’s fringe may even get compromised. When your rug is beginning to show undeniable signs of wear and tear, it’s here when our experts should be contacted.
For years, we’ve been trusted and preferred by rug owners in the area. Oriental rug owners specifically stand by us, and that’s because we’ve been leading Manhattan oriental rug cleaning experts since we first opened our doors several years ago. We’re also rug restoration experts, and whether you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, or rug fringing. we can help you. These aren’t the only rug restoration services we deliver either!
Our goal is simple: we want to bring your rugs back to their glory days, and we have the tools, materials, machines, and know-how necessary to do so.


When Rug Recoloring Comes in Handy

When your oriental rug is showing signs of fading, it’s best to get rug recoloring right away. We have been performing rug recoloring for years, and with us you’ll never have to worry about rug dye running or your rug’s unique design being altered. Even if your rug is hundreds of years old, we can perform recoloring. This is a common rug restoration service, and it’s one that’s not just sought by oriental rug owners. When we’re done with recoloring, your rug will get compliments again.

Our Rug Reweaving Experts Will Help You

When a rug begins to unravel, it can be in a very vulnerable position. The longer unraveling goes on without being addressed, the harder it’ll be to execute effective rug reweaving. Therefore, if your rug is starting to unravel, you should get a hold of the situation immediately. Call our team and we’ll do reweaving for you right away. Oriental rug owners aren’t the only rug owners who require reweaving here and there. Moroccan, kilim, and Turkish rug owners also need reweaving sometimes, and rugs that have been damaged by moths and other insects can also benefit from reweaving.

Get Professional Rug Binding From Our Team

Getting rug binding from our experts is a good idea. This is a rug restoration service that will save you from having to get an expensive rug replacement. Binding is a rather simple rug restoration process. We’ll bind your rug using either binding tape or a special sewing machine; we’ll pursue the method that’s best for your rug. When binding is complete, your rug will be sound for many years to come. It’ll be more visually appealing too!

We Can Deliver Rug Fringing for a Good Price

Rug fringing is one of our most important rug restoration services. When your rug’s fringe begins to break down, such can spell disaster for the rest of the rug. We’ll stop the degradation process in its tracks so your rug is not rendered unusable. When we’re done with fringing, your rug will be secure again.